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2017 Eihwaz Recordings news and sale!!


Three and a half years ago, Eihwaz Recordings arrived on the scene as an extension of Bindrune Recordings. Constructed as a means to release extreme sounds not necessarily fitting within the carefully-cultivated Bindrune aesthetic, Eihwaz has since that time developed its own identity and increased in scale to the point where the time is right for the label to begin a new journey.

From this point forward, Eihwaz Recordings is now a separate entity managed by Jim Clifton, but collaborations between the two labels will continue. More on that later, but for now, visit the entirely new Eihwaz Recordings distro ( , with sigil art courtesy of the great Nate Burns), and enjoy 25% off any orders until January 25th!

Simply type in NEWIN2017 at checkout. Thanks to all who have and will continue to support Eihwaz in the future, and please share this news with all in the underground!

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