Bindrune Recordings

Woodland Denizens…Unite!

Australia’s Vaiya join with the Bindrune and Nordvis family!

VAIYA PROMO smallerWe’d like to welcome R. Allen, the sole member of the ritualistic musical outlet VAIYA, to the Nordvis as well as the Bindrune family.

VAIYA, sprung out of a wilderness lifestyle based in the back-lands of Australia, definitely shares similar visions as we do, both in terms of musical expressions and ways of living deeply rooted to the wild. We’re very much looking forward to this collaboration and we believe this will turn out most interesting for you who appreciate what we’re doing and been doing in the past.

We will bring you VAIYA’s previously self-released 2nd album ”Remnant Light” in late spring. The album will come as a new CD edition with revised artwork as well as a limited Vinyl edition.

Followers of Wolves in the Throne Room and Panopticon will feel at home within the music of VAIYA.

Stay tuned for more information.

Here’s a video teaser previewing what is to come….

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