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Vaiya – Remnant Light CD/LP Pre-Order!

Vaiya – Remnant Light CD/LP/Digital
Today, we are globally accepting pre-orders for Vaiya’s opus of ritualistically charged black metal, Remnant Light.
Due out on April 14th, Vaiya’s third album ‘Remnant Light’ is an aggressive ritual banishment of the darkest aspects of the ego. A progression upward toward the light and away from that which drags us down. Told through three thirteen minute tracks, ‘Remnant Light’ seeks to exalt the journey toward bliss and repel the darkness that aims to destroy true being.
This album is a more straight forward Black Metal record than the two previous Vaiya releases, which were written specifically for live ritual performance, thus, there is more emphasis put on dense atmosphere and layered instrumentation.
1. Confrontation
2. Banishment
3. Transformation
CD and LP Pre-Orders are available for the following territories:

Coldfells news!

coldfells_bandWe are proud to announce, that as of Monday January 9th, Coldfells album is off to press. We have decided to limit this release to an EXTREMELY LIMITED edition of 100 hand numbered copies worldwide on vinyl only (digital download will also be available). No exact release date is set. This album will NOT be re-pressed when it sells out. The album will be a dual release with Bindrune Recordings and Eihwaz Records. In addition to the limited release, Coldfells will be performing the album in its entirety at a location and date tba.

You will be able to purchase the limited edition vinyl records as part of a package at this performance before the label(s) release.

For those of you that haven’t heard of this project, Coldfells is the brainchild of Johnny Doyle (Plagueweilder, Horse Drawn). Joined by Aaron Carey and Andrew D’Cagna from Nechochwen, what started out as a Middle Earth inspired black doom project, has developed to embrace their own vibrant and original sound. We will be sharing more information about the impending album soon!

Decibel Magazine premier Panopticon’s crushing track, Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing!!


For those of you without the deluxe Decibel Magazine subscription who have been asking about “Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing”, Decibel have been kind and streamed the track on their website!

This song is a furious glimpse into the storm that will be the next Panopticon album. Enjoy!