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Woodland Denizens…Unite!



nordvis-logofinal svartIn an effort to battle the mounting shipping costs and to reconnect with each of our overseas followers, Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis have forged an international union! Both entities maintain a close relationship with nature and tend to align with bands who share similar values. This union aesthetically, spiritually and conceptually makes perfect sense.

Nordvis… surrounded by the rich environs of Northern Sweden, this label has built an impressive roster of bands and catalog of artistic releases that span both the moving atmospheres of black metal (Stilla, Lustre, Grift, Skogen, Lik), into more neo folk territories with Ebon Lore. Not afraid to take chances and holding artistic pursuits above all, this is a label that has been cutting out an impressive name and we are honored to be working with them/looking forward to bring their music to these shores for all of you.

So what does this mean? Bindrune Recordings will be the exclusive distributor for Nordvis titles in North America and Nordvis will be doing the same for Bindrune titles in Scandinavia and Europe. This includes past and in some cases each of us manufacturing each others future releases in our respective territories in the future. This benefits all of you who have been missing out on each of these creative and forward thinking labels releases due to insane postage costs.

To order directly from Nordvis overseas, go here:

Woodland Denizens unite!!