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Panopticon – Revisions of the Past 2CD PRE-ORDER!!

We have a lot of news coming your way, especially since the new distro is nearly complete, but first things first…. We are now accepting pre-orders for:
Panopticon – Revisions of the Past 2CD
This is a MASSIVE package containing both the previously released classics, On the Subject of Mortality and Social Disservices, both remixed by Spencer Morris and revamped/mastered by Colin Marston.
These albums sound like never before!
With artwork re-envisioned by Nate Burns, this package comes adorned in an 8-panel digipak with a 16 page booklet!
For more information, click the pre-order link below to see some words on this project from Austin himself!
Europe Pre-order:
Secure your copy now!! This package will go fast!!
And to answer the inevitable storm of questions… YES, this will come out on vinyl! NO, it won’t be out in time for Migration fest.
The CD is a massive undertaking… just wait until you see what’s in store for the vinyl set!

May news blast with signings and other ramblings from the North!

Greetings Bindrune supporters! It has been some time since this site was updated. This doesn’t meant that Bindrune has been inactive. Definitely not! As you will see below, we are rolling full speed ahead.

Before I get into new signings, I want to mention that we are working hard here to migrate our current Distro (The Collective), to a more rock solid oscommerse shopping platform. This will be much easier to use, look better and be glitch free. We’re not going to announce a launch date for this activity, but please know it is in the works.

Second… I have left my main job of 12 years to focus on the label on a more regular basis and have also started Bindrune Printing. We don’t have a web presence yet, but should you need t-shirts done for your band or label, we’ve been at it for ages and will get you covered (literally) cheaply and quickly. Email a design and your print visions to:

Now…. onto the big news!

Vukari’s stunning “Divination” coming this summer! Track premier!
Vukari 2

This has turned out to be a week of announcements and we shall leave all of you this Friday with a big one that we’re very excited about!

Chicago’s Vukari have joined the Bindrune family of bands and are preparing to release their third album, Divination, later this summer!

Dense atmosphere meets an airy and often frantic form of black dominant metal with post and mystical elements as well. Divination is a twisting monolith of emotive sound eager to be witnessed and the band is working hard to bring their material to the live setting as shows are eagerly being planned for the summer.

divination artwork











As we prepare to unleash Divination in the coming months, we leave you with a glimpse into the workings of this excellent album with the track “Invictus Maneo”.

Enjoy. Share. Spread the word!


Stilla (Swe) prepares 3rd release for Autumnal unveiling through Bindrune and Nordvis! Track Preview!

Stilla Band


Bindrune is honored to be working with Sweden’s Stilla this year to bring all of you in North America, in coordination with our brothers at Nordvis Produktion, the bands third full-length opus on CD and LP (at a later date)!
If “Vårens sista önskan” (The Last Wish of Spring)” is any indication, this album is going to be among one of our favorites for 2016 with Stilla’s unique take on melancholy and atmosphere seemingly ever evolving.
More info shall be revealed as it becomes available. Until then…. help us spread the word and enjoy the new single (link below).
Stilla art
“So, two winters has passed. On August 19 this year STILLA returns with yet another creation that bears the sign of gloomy melancholic, avantgarde and blackened metal. Taking up where they left off with the critically acclaimed “Ensamhetens andar” (2014) STILLA once again shows their unique way of preforming sooty and rugged metal – intervwoven with influences of 70′s horror movie soundtracks such as Suspiria and Phenomena.”
STILLA here presents the single “Vårens sista önskan” (The Last Wish of Spring).
Panopticon live in Sweden with Waldgefluster @ Nordvis Hostfest!

atumnal pyre poster smaller





Krigsgrav – Waves of Degradation CD release and tour!



Krigsgrav – Waves of Degradation CD released today!

here’s the think to obtain a copy:…

To preview the album before you buy, goto No Clean Singing’s album stream and full review here:…/an-ncs-premiere-and-a-revi…/

Also Krigsgrav’s tour with Giant of the Mountain kicks off today as well! Please share the dates and by all means, get off your asses and get out there to support these great bands as they make their 17 date trek across the US!!

4/1 Little Rock, AR
4/2 Chicago, IL
4/3 Cincinnati, OH
4/4 Buffalo, NY
4/5 Albany, NY
4/6 Burlington, VT
4/7 Manchester, NH
4/8 Portland, ME
4/9 Belchertown, MA
4/10 Brooklyn, NY
4/11 Philadelphia, PA
4/12 Baltimore, MD
4/13 Richmond, VA
4/14 Chapel Hill, NC
4/15 Asheville, NC
4/16 Jackson, MS
4/17 Dallas, TX

Panopticon – Autumn Eternal 2LP, Shirt and patch…. now available!!

Panopticon combo2

The wait is finally over!

All pre-orders have shipped out and we are now announcing the release of Panopticon – Autumn Eternal on 2LP!

Featuring a lush gatefold, a booklet and 2 translucent yellow slabs of wax with metallic gold splatter, this excellent design created and imagined by Austin Lunn is the perfect visual representation of the powerful music contained within the analog grooves!

Secure your copy today!!

Also available are the long anticipated shirts for AE, along with an embroidered patch and of course the CD is still available.

Everything is up on the distro and ready to move!

Also added to the distro today:

-Infera Bruo shirt design

-Infera Bruo Patch

-Obsidian Tongue patch!

A lot going on. 2016 is already insane and will continue to detonate as we finish planning our release schedule!

North America (Bindrune Recordings):

Europe/Scandinavia (Nordvis Produktion):

Wilt CD and Panopticon 2LP up for PRE-ORDER!



Here’s an announcement from Bindrune and Nordvis that a lot of you have been waiting for!

We are announcing pre-orders today for both Wilt – Moving Monoliths CD and Panopticon’s Autumn Eternal LP and LP Northwoods package!! Act fast on the Northwoods deal as they will likely go fast!

Our friends at Nordvis are also unveiling pre-orders for Autumn Eternal 2LP for the European Contininet, so if you live there, be sure to visit their site as well (link below!)

-Panopticon – Autumn Eternal Northwoods Package:…

-Panopticon – Autumn Eternal 2LP:…

-WILT – Moving Monoliths Digipak CD:…

Nordvis Production PRE-ORDER:


Now accepting Pre-Orders for Panopticon – Autumn Eternal digipak CD!


Autumn eternal album coverNow accepting pre-orders for Panopticon’s stunning opus, Autumn Eternal, digipak CD format. 2LP set coming soon!


Autumn is here covering the landscape with its amber raiment, transforming it into a fiery land of colour and wonder. Just like this season of fire Panopticons new creation colours our inner world with autumn’s sparkling shades, putting tunes to this season of transcendence. ”Autumn Eternal” is still an incredibly well-composed album by the multifaceted artist A. Lunn. It is a deep and soulful journey which reflects on a seemingly eternal quest of this talented and kind hearted individual, steeped in sadness and beauty. Autumn Eternal is a beautiful work of art created in the sign of melancholy and in which the metal genre is interwoven with other traditional music styles, forming one of the most captivating, illuminating and honest metal albums in 2015.

Get it in N. America through Bindrune here:


Get it in Europe from our friends at Nordvis here:


New teaser videos for Panopticon and Wilt unveiled this week!

Finally several gifts for all of you!


Here is the album cover for Panopticon’s follow-up to the highly acclaimed “Roads to the North”!

Autumn eternal album cover

Like Roads… Autumn Eternal is yet another well rounded and passionate body of art that builds upon the more advanced songwriting style you’ve all come to know and love, while adding even more atmosphere and shades of color by way of a dark metal influence. The outcome is stunning. Prepare yourself…

Enjoy this 13 minute teaser giving you all a glimpse into the beauty that is Panopticon’s impending Autumn Eternal!

To be released on CD October 16th by Bindrune and Nordvis globally! Gatefold LP to follow in November…







“Moving Monoliths” is a crushing feat of blackened doom that has been labored over for quite some time. The results are impressive as Wilt skillfully unveils a wide range of emotion and atmosphere on these 4 lengthy tracks.

The CD will be releases late August/September, with a vinyl treatment coming shortly thereafter.

Enjoy the teaser and please support the band and Bindrune by sharing the video!!

Announcing cover, trk listing and teaser for Nechochwen – Heart of Akamon CD/LP!

Nechochwen and Bindrune Recordings announce the album title, cover art, track listing PLUS an 8 min teaser video for Nechochwen’s Impending opus, Heart of Akamon CD/LP!!

It has been several years since the amazing 12″ only OtO release, but WV’s Nechochwen have been far from silent. They have been working steadily and very focused on Heart of Akamon for over a year and took a small break to put together a live band for their debut performance at the first ever Hammerheart Brewing Co’s Winterblot Fest which happened late in 2014 (which will be released on DVD soon by Bindrune). Heart of Akamon is the bands most emotive and aggressive material to date, while not losing site of their acoustic roots. These songs awake an old spirit in the listener to gaze back in time and feel the struggle and pride of this countries persecuted and indigenous people.

nechochwen - akamon sm cov

Nechochwen – Heart of Akamon CD/LP 2015 Bindrune Recordings
1. The Serpent Tradition
2. The Impending Winter
3. Lost on the Trail of the Setting Sun
4. October 6, 1813
5. Traversing the Shades of Death
6. Skimota
7. Skyhook
8. Kiselamakong

In the meantime, limited quantities of OtO (clear and black vinyl), Azimuths to the Otherworld CD along with several t-shirt designs remain available here:

In the grips of an Alda West Coast Tour!

Alda is currently on tour of the West Coast as we speak! Head to your closest location to see this amazing band live, pick up some new merch and a limited copy of Passage on cassette at the show while supplies last!

alda tour

Alda and Infera Bruo release information! Cover images unveiled!

2 full-length releases on the horizon! Both being unleashed on CD July 1st….

Alda - Passage webAlda – Passage
“Passage” is such a fitting title for this opus because the material finds Alda further strengthening their bonds as musicians and honing their style into an even more earthen and evolved fusion of black styled metal often revered in their location, and a passionately spirited folk presence. Alda have noticeably grown as songwriters while not forsaking the roots of their core sound and delivery and it makes Passage a vital addition not only to their own impressive catalog, but to the ever growing North American “black metal” community.

Passage is an all encompassing journey into the mountains and environs surrounding them.

In Conjuration webInfera Bruo – In Conjuration
With In Conjuration, Infera Bruo have taken all the impressive stylistic traits conjured on the debut, and made another album full of essential and unique blackness that sounds like it is on fire thanks to an even fuller production. Structural creativity, lethal playing, commanding screams and meticulously placed hooks writhe at the core of this excellent album and we are pleased to finally have the opportunity to bring it to the masses!

At the plant is the Obsidian Tongue/Infera Bruo split 12″!

Also coming very soon… Nechochen – Heart of Akamon CD/LP and Wilt – Moving Monoliths CD/LP

A busy year is beginning to take shape! Pre-orders to be announced soon!