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Falls of Rauros, Ancestors of Smoke track debut!

falls_logo_invertThe time has finally come. The planets are slowly grinding into alignment….

Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis are pleased to bring you, oh patient fans and woodland wanderers, a vibrant glimpse into the genius that is Falls of Rauros with this weighty track, Ancestors of Smoke from the impending Believe in No Coming Shore CD/LP.

Believe in no Coming Shore is a masterwork of emotive and passionate black metal influenced music, that finds Falls evolving even deeper into their art and love for their instruments.

“Believe” finds Falls nurturing the core sound so brilliantly played out on their previous works, but the band has developed leagues beyond with the incorporation of even more explorative guitar work that seizes the spirit of Americana, rock, folk and most importantly… freedom. The very thought of it spills out of this amazing album and we are pleased to finally be in the finishing stages of being able to bring this monster to the masses!

So enjoy Ancestors of Smoke and prepare to become one with the tide…

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No Clean Singing and Unwilling Flesh unleash “Fathoms Unfound”

unwilling flesh cover_smaller2The incomparable No Clean Singing has been kind enough to stream the track, Fathoms Unfound , from Unwilling Flesh’s crushing debut, Between the Living and the Dead!

And it seems the album has struck a chord:

“Among the album’s many signal achievements, I have to first mention D’Cagna’s success in duplicating one absolutely vital ingredient: He’s nailed that crushing, crunching, chainsaw guitar tone that became the hallmark of the Sunlight Studios sound. And he’s married it to a potent phalanx of riffs — from massive freight-train chugs calculated to induce neck spasms, to grinding tank attacks, to jackhammer jabs, to adrenaline-fueled gallops. And the varying drum and bass rhythms have been expertly attuned to provide just the right accompaniment in what is undeniably a guitar-centric album.”

Coming September 30th on Eihwaz Recordings, don’t miss the excellently constructed and blazing fury of Between the Living and the Dead!

In the mean time, Fathoms Unfound awaits you…


Bindrune/Eihwaz Recordings launch FREE compilation!

Untamed and Eternal cover smallThe idea for a Bindrune/Eihwaz Recordings compilation has been in the thought process for a long time and finally now, thanks to bandcamp, we have the perfect medium to unleash this beast!

And it’s FREE, or donate should you feel so generous.

Featuring an exclusive to this comp only track from Nechochwen, along with a very eclectic mix of old and newer songs that have yet to be released, we are damn proud of our rosters and are pleased to share this musical tome with all of you!

Other tracks from Panopticon, Falls of Rauros, Vex, Ahamkara, Unwilling Flesh, Infirmary, Coldfells, Waldgefluster, Seidr and Infera Bruo are also on display here and ready for your enjoyment.

So there you have it… stream all you like, or download for your MP3 device, the Bindrune/Eihwaz family is here and ready to welcome you to the fold…

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Eihwaz Recordings news: Unwilling Flesh!


Carnage. Eucharist. Excretion. The sounds of these early ’90s Swedeath bands inspired multi-instrumentalist Andrew D’Cagna (Brimstone Coven, Obsequiae, Nechochwen, Infirmary) to mine his prodigious talents for the purpose of the ‘blatant, shameless’ Swedish Death Metal devotion of Unwilling Flesh.

unwilling flesh cover_smaller2

Handling vocals and all instruments (with co-conspirator Aaron Carey, also of Nechochwen & Infimary, graciously providing skilled and memorable leadwork), D’Cagna has willfully allowed the rusted-chainsaw guitars and lacerated roars of an OSDM muse to guide his hand toward developing this heathen hallelujah meant to honor those once and always Full of Hell: Eihwaz Recordings next release, the debut of Unwilling Flesh, ‘Between the Living and the Dead’.

Friends, if you scoff at über-clean, ‘modern’ death metal, if you hold scorn at the homogenization of what once was, then the hearkening back of Unwilling Flesh is for you.

Pre-orders to be announced soon!

Panopticon – Roads to the North CD Pre-Orders announced!

panopticon - roads coverThe time has come to announce Pre-Orders for Panopticon – Roads to the North, 6 panel digi sleeve CD! Release date Sept 22nd (if not a bit sooner)

The album is turning heads of the metal press all over the globe:

9/10 – Decibel Magazine
9,5/10 – The Metal Observer
4/5 –
5/5 – A Metal State Of Mind

A truly stunning collection of songs depicting Austin Lunn’s journeys and struggles with life upheaving change are so brilliantly sculpted on Roads to the North. You can feel the fear, excitement, loss and love in every note on this album.


Preview the entire album here:

To obtain a copy of this album via Bindrune Recordings in the US, Go here:



To obtain a copy of this album via Nordvis in Scandinavia/Europe , Go here:



The LP version of this release should finally be landing in our hands by the end of August upon which all pre-orders will be processed as quickly as possible.

Thanks for everyones patience!

Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis announce pre-orders for Panopticon – Roads to the North and debut a new track!

To celebrate the occasion, we are releasing Capricious Miles from the album to further introduce the coming of Panopticon’s latest masterwork.

Roads to the North…

The wait is nearly at an end for the latest Panopticon Opus, Roads to the North. Following up the critically acclaimed Kentucky, Roads… is the logical evolution into pure and passionate artistic expression. With Panopticon’s solid foundation of emotive black metal armed with musical influences that proudly uphold traditional Americana (folk and bluegrass) elements, Roads to the North expands and destroys with melodic death metal harmonies, increased technical proficiency and a full/professional sound that propels this material into new realms of expression for Panopticon. Savagery and gripping emotion… Sole visionary Austin Lunn’s journey away from his home state has been beautifully documented on Roads to the North along with all the heartache, sorrow and triumph that followed him along the way.

panopticon - roads cover











Panopticon – Roads to the North Gatefold 2LP regular edition PRE-ORDER!! $25 (Bindrune/Nordvis)

The Gatefold 2LP edition features 2 transparent blue records both with yellow opaque splatter

Pre-Order Here:

If you live overseas and want to bypass inflated shipping costs, our brethren at Nordvis are also offering pre-oders for their territory!! 

go here:


1.The Echoes of a Disharmonic Evensong (9:36)
2.Where Mountains pierce the sky (12:43)
3-5. The Long Road ( in 3 movements)
I. One last fire (5:56)
II. Capricious Miles (7:53)
III.The Sigh Of Summer (9:39)
6.Norwegian Nights (3:20)
7. In Silence (9:46)
8.Chase the Grain (12:14)

VEX: No Clean Singing Debut New Single

VEX_promoProggy black/death metallers VEX have joined forces with tastemaking metal portal No Clean Singing to debut the first single from the Austin, TX natives’ upcoming third full-length, Sky Exile.

The track, entitled “To Anacreon (Strangling the Muse)”, hits the e-waves just as the band wraps up a string of live appearances alongside atmospheric metal masters AGALLOCH on the Southeastern leg of their current US tour.

The site heaps praise upon the new tune, writing, “This really well-written, mainly mid-paced song employs the kind of heavy, hammering riffs and flesh-raking vocals that will be familiar to fans of classic Scandinavian melodic death metal, but as the song unfolds it moves in increasingly interesting and unexpected directions, becoming a sophisticated, multi-textured work with the power to draw you back again and again.”

Listen to “To Anacreon (Strangling the Muse)” at this location.

Progressive and thoughtful, the LP will expand upon their previous full-length, Memorious, which was released on 2LP via Bindrune Recordings‘ death metal subsidiary, Eihwaz Productions.

Falls of Rauros release new album cover and track listing!

As we reach the midway point of 2014, things are finally starting to heat up at camp Bindrune.

Falls of Rauros’ amazing Believe in no Coming Shore has been mastered and the artwork is nearing completion!


Thoughts on the album run wild, for this opus finds Falls really coming in to their own special and vibrant sound. The harsh/desperately screamed vocals are still in full force, as are the fundamentals of their atmospherically charged form of black metal, but Believe in no Coming Shore unlocks a brilliant web of passionate guitar work that finds influence in classic rock, classic country, folk, yet not sounding like any one genre specifically. Such careful integration feels like an extension of this bands spiritual core and the music takes on a hypnotic wanderlust to carry the listener deeper into the aether.

The first look at the completed cover art offers a perfect visual into what’s to come.

Falls of Rauros – Believe in no Coming Shore LP/CD (Bindrune Recordings/Nordvis)

Track listing:
-Blue Misshapen Dusk
-Ancestors of Shadow
-Ancestors of Smoke
-Waxen Voices
-Spectral Eyes
-Believe in No Coming Shore

More information as to pre-orders is coming soon as the last of the artwork is finalized. Stay tuned!

Infera Bruo join the Bindrune roster!

IB Branches B&W2

We are pleased to share with you the union between Bindrune Recordings and Boston, MA’s own Infera Bruo!

We first heard this bands complex and unique sound on their debut demo, but it wasn’t until the bold statement, “Desolate Unknown”, where this band mixes a decidedly Emperor-ian black metal density and atmosphere with organic synth experiments that we were hooked.

“Desolate Unknown immediately lays its cards on the table with a sharp production and a form of blackness that offers a nod of appreciation to the Scandinavian movement, yet Infera Bruo cultivate enough of their own identity in this music to keep the delivery enveloped in a very personal, though endlessly intense fire. The songs are rich with effective and sinister melody lines as found on the opening track Visions of the Inner Eye, but Infera Bruo inventively shift away from their rather focused and at times laid back stylistic and structural affinity for blackness the old and safe way (not a bad thing) on the deep and lengthy track Ritual Within. Electronic/experimental elements seep into the meat of this track, as does more tortured riffs where nasty chords writhe up from the strings to show the truly ugly and creative side of this band. The dissonance continues on Dust of Stars as Infera Bruo really hit their stride and open up the possibilities in their music with even more abysmal riff concepts, sung upon high with a searingly tight guitar tone and tempo shifts that range from the blasting mayhem you’d expect, to more crawling post rock drones that drag a mess of glorious treble behind them.” -Worm Gear Zine

Bindrune Recordings is proud to welcome this boundary pushing quartet to the ever growing family. Their violent and layered sound may echo the rise, fall and tormented buzz of the city which is a juxtaposition of the Bindrune woodland aesthetic, but their music is a fantastic and talented journey beyond the realms of reality that feels right at home within our roster.

Infera Bruo are hard at work on their 2nd full-length album, their first for Bindrune Recordings, which will see a release towards the fall of 2014.

In the mean time, Desolate Unknown is available from the band both Digitally and on CD, and the Bindrune/Eihwaz webshop also has copies for sale!

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Infera Bruo (meaning “Hellish Noise” in the Esperanto language) is from the Boston, Massachusetts area. The band formed in late 2009 when keyboardist Germanicus, guitarist/vocalist Galen Baudhuin and drummer/vocalist Ardroth met with the desire to form a unique black metal band. Eventually Neutrino stepped in on bass to complete the final lineup.
Infera Bruo’s members have diverse musical backgrounds.  Germanicus has been involved in a many projects over his long career including The Girls, art punk from the 1970’s, and Cul De Sac, experimental post-rock.  Ardroth’s background includes Bothildir and Shadar Logoth, epic black metal projects from Northern Maine.  Neutrino formed and played in Encrimson’d, a melodic peasant metal project from Minnesota, Virulence, progressive jazz-infused grindcore signed to Morbid Records and Pillory, technical death/grind singed to Unique Leader records.  Galen has been member of numerous bands including Manias, bilingual death metal from New Mexico and progressive metal outfit The Seventh Circle.  Galen is currently playing bass guitar duties for the grindcore/punk band Trap Them.
Infera Bruo released a self-titled album in 2011 that was recorded at studio G, MA by Galen and Infera Bruo, and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.  Musically, the record is a blend of dark melodies, atmosphere and electronics. Lyrical themes of the record explored issues of individualism, misanthropy, the occult and ancient history.  The album was well-received by media outlets.  The band played numerous live shows in the New England area in support of the release.
In 2012, Infera Bruo recorded its second full-length album “Desolate Unknown.”  The album was again recorded and mixed by Galen and the band and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Engineering (High on Fire, Sleep, Nails).  “Desolate Unknown” continues the musical path of the self-titled release while foraging into new territories of sound. Lyrically the record focuses on topics of inner struggle and turmoil, consciousness and ageless forces of destruction.
“Desolate Unknown” was released in July of 2013 and Infera Bruo subsequently embarked on a series of shows in New England and the east coast in support of the record.

Falls of Rauros – Believe in no Coming Shore news!

falls_logo_invertFalls of Rauros – Believe in No Coming Shore is nearing completion as the mastering and album art are in the finishing stages!! Cover art will be shared soon!

Bindrune Recordings will be releasing this masterpiece this summer on LP, CD and digitally.

The track listing is:

-Blue Misshapen Dusk
-Ancestors of Shadow
-Ancestors of Smoke
-Waxen Voices
-Spectral Eyes
-Believe in No Coming Shore

falls_2014Falls maintain their unique aura, but have boldly and beautifully expanded their musicianship to embrace engrossing guitar/solo work for a sound like no other.

Song samples coming soon!

Falls of Rauros have been confirmed for the eclectic Southern Darkness Festival in Tampa on August 23 and will be playing select East Coast dates surrounding the fest.

More news and sounds will be released once they have materialized.