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Eneferens Join with Bindrune/Nordvis!

eneferens1Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis Produktion are pleased to announce the signing of Montana’s Eneferens!

The realm of doom metal has it’s own life and special place in the pantheon of musicians who feel at home embracing the dark/downtrodden themes and sounds unleashed by this colorful musical medium. Eneferens planted its flag so to speak with 2 impressive releases last year that caught our ear thanks to sole innovator, Jori Apedaile’s, brilliant take on the genre. “In The Hours Beneath and “The Inward Cold” were both released independently and feature a form of doom that is empowered by deep death and black metal stylistic traits that weave in superior harmonies and unshakable moments of melancholy which bring to mind the olden years of Katatonia and other doom influenced innovators found lurking in the early 90′s. With varying vocal styles and a touch of folk instrumentation, Eneferens has unveiled a well of inspiration and indication of the quality yet to come.

Bindrune and Nordvis shall be giving Eneferens most recent opus, In The Hours Beneath, a worldwide release on CD/LP/Digital in the coming months as Jori continues to prepare his follow-up release slated for late fall/early winter.

Eneferens is a powerful force upcoming in the underground and we are honored to help bring this music to the woodland masses!

Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available!

Vaiya – Remnant Light CD/LP Pre-Order!

Vaiya – Remnant Light CD/LP/Digital
Today, we are globally accepting pre-orders for Vaiya’s opus of ritualistically charged black metal, Remnant Light.
Due out on April 14th, Vaiya’s third album ‘Remnant Light’ is an aggressive ritual banishment of the darkest aspects of the ego. A progression upward toward the light and away from that which drags us down. Told through three thirteen minute tracks, ‘Remnant Light’ seeks to exalt the journey toward bliss and repel the darkness that aims to destroy true being.
This album is a more straight forward Black Metal record than the two previous Vaiya releases, which were written specifically for live ritual performance, thus, there is more emphasis put on dense atmosphere and layered instrumentation.
1. Confrontation
2. Banishment
3. Transformation
CD and LP Pre-Orders are available for the following territories:

Australia’s Vaiya join with the Bindrune and Nordvis family!

VAIYA PROMO smallerWe’d like to welcome R. Allen, the sole member of the ritualistic musical outlet VAIYA, to the Nordvis as well as the Bindrune family.

VAIYA, sprung out of a wilderness lifestyle based in the back-lands of Australia, definitely shares similar visions as we do, both in terms of musical expressions and ways of living deeply rooted to the wild. We’re very much looking forward to this collaboration and we believe this will turn out most interesting for you who appreciate what we’re doing and been doing in the past.

We will bring you VAIYA’s previously self-released 2nd album ”Remnant Light” in late spring. The album will come as a new CD edition with revised artwork as well as a limited Vinyl edition.

Followers of Wolves in the Throne Room and Panopticon will feel at home within the music of VAIYA.

Stay tuned for more information.

Here’s a video teaser previewing what is to come….

Coldfells news!

coldfells_bandWe are proud to announce, that as of Monday January 9th, Coldfells album is off to press. We have decided to limit this release to an EXTREMELY LIMITED edition of 100 hand numbered copies worldwide on vinyl only (digital download will also be available). No exact release date is set. This album will NOT be re-pressed when it sells out. The album will be a dual release with Bindrune Recordings and Eihwaz Records. In addition to the limited release, Coldfells will be performing the album in its entirety at a location and date tba.

You will be able to purchase the limited edition vinyl records as part of a package at this performance before the label(s) release.

For those of you that haven’t heard of this project, Coldfells is the brainchild of Johnny Doyle (Plagueweilder, Horse Drawn). Joined by Aaron Carey and Andrew D’Cagna from Nechochwen, what started out as a Middle Earth inspired black doom project, has developed to embrace their own vibrant and original sound. We will be sharing more information about the impending album soon!

Paths join with Bindrune!

Paths-band-logoWe are excited to share with all of you, the signing of Victoria, British Columbia’s Paths!

Formed in 2013, Paths have evolved from psychedelic laced black metal beginnings, to embrace more of a grand in scope atmosphere, more properly upholding and defining the beauty of their surroundings through the dense music they create.

With Paths impending 3rd full-length album, “In Lands Thought Lost”, sole songwriter Michael Taylor has perfected his emotion and dream inducing wave of sound/songwriting to embrace the building blocks of black metal by way of a mild Scandinavian influence, mixed with a powerful Pacific Northwest bite. The results are powerful/world building and we are thrilled to bring this creative entity into the Bindrune family.

“In Lands Thought Lost” is a gripping statement and even in it’s early recorded form, grabbed the ear of Austin Lunn (Panopticon) who volunteered to re-record drums for the album to replace Michael’s carefully constructed synthetic drums, for more of an organic result.

As the duo strive to put the finishing touches on the album, look for a vinyl (first) and CD (Later) release this spring.

More information (Album art and track listing) regarding “In Lands Thought Lost” will be shared as it becomes available.

Thank you one and all for your attention and support. Please spread the news!

2017 Eihwaz Recordings news and sale!!


Three and a half years ago, Eihwaz Recordings arrived on the scene as an extension of Bindrune Recordings. Constructed as a means to release extreme sounds not necessarily fitting within the carefully-cultivated Bindrune aesthetic, Eihwaz has since that time developed its own identity and increased in scale to the point where the time is right for the label to begin a new journey.

From this point forward, Eihwaz Recordings is now a separate entity managed by Jim Clifton, but collaborations between the two labels will continue. More on that later, but for now, visit the entirely new Eihwaz Recordings distro ( , with sigil art courtesy of the great Nate Burns), and enjoy 25% off any orders until January 25th!

Simply type in NEWIN2017 at checkout. Thanks to all who have and will continue to support Eihwaz in the future, and please share this news with all in the underground!

Falls of Rauros reveal cover and track listing for Vigilance Perennial!

Falls of Rauros reveals cover artwork for their upcoming album Vigilance Perennial.

Falls - Vigilance_smallerDue for release on March 31st on CD/LP/Digital via Bindrune (USA) & Nordvis (Europe)

Artwork by the talented Solfjall Design.

Falls of Rauros – Vigilance Perennial

Track Listing:
1. White Granite
2. Labyrinth Unfolding Echoes
3. Warm Quiet Centuries of Rains
4. Arrow & Kiln
5. Impermanence Streakt Through Marble

More info coming very soon! Please share the news!

Falls of Rauros
Bindrune Recordings
Sólfjall Design

Sons of Crom join Nordvis and Bindrune!

sons of crom band copyAs the new year lurks upon the horizon, it is time to start sharing news with all you followers of the Bindrune and Nordvis Alliance!

Haparanda northerners Sons of Crom have joined forces with Nordvis and we here at Bindrune will be co-releasing their upcoming album on LP and CD here for the N. American territory! Upon hearing the development and amazing musicianship in the demoes for the new material, we were hooked!

Sons of Croms unique blend of epic heavy metal and mighty nordic tones is a bold fit in with the Bindrune aesthetic for sure, yet offers a diversity that we are going to be striving to bring you in 2017.

After their amazing debut “Riddle of Steel”, we now look forward to adventure onwards on the path towards their upcoming craft that will be released late spring/early summer.

A few words by Sons of Crom regarding this new alliance:
“With profound and whole-hearted excitement we announce the next chapter in the legacy and journey of Sons of Crom. A new coalition of Nordic forces will defy Hel itself as Nordvis, our new label and brother-in-arms, joins our heathen cause, guiding our black ship through restless seas of death and resurrection, leaving no haven safe.

Nordvis was our first choice upon setting sail towards new horizons, our views on all things of import correlating tremendously. With great releases by great bands for many years, Nordvis has demonstrated a high level of quality, and we eagerly await to unleash the next beast upon the world. In Northern spirit this alliance is wrought, forged in fire and ice. Crom!”

Stay tuned for more info as it surfaces from the North!

In the meantime, here’s There last album, Riddle of Steel for your to ponder!