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Obsidian Tongue/Infera Bruo Split 12″ cover and info released!

infera_Obsidian_splitWe are pleased to announce that the Obsidian Tongue/Infera Bruo split 12″ will be going to the pressing plant this coming Monday.

Featuring 1 lengthy song from each band, Lakeside Redemption (Obsidian Tongue) and Reversing Tides (Infera Bruo) were initially released to digital and limited cassette only 4 way split “Northeastern Hymns” with fellow Boston bands In Human Form and Autolatry in 2014.

As both of these superb bands are now signed to Bindrune and also friends, this split seemed inevitable and a really impressive union of uniquely sculpted black metal. The Brotherhood series forges onward!

Obsidian Tongue demonstrated their otherworldly progression on Lakeside Redemption with more of an aggressive speed and their serpentine riff/chord structures that wrap around hypnotic drum work.

Infera Bruo are a venomous quartet that embrace the forces of barbaric blackness and unique experimental elements for a well rounded strike that flows between harsh and emotive waves of sound. A fine compositional glimpse into the bands upcoming, 2nd full-length release, “In Conjuration” which incidentally will be available on CD before this LP due to the annoying and lengthy delays at the vinyl pressing plant.

This 12″ will be limited to 300 copies, come on colored vinyl and the first 50 pre-orders will also come with a logo patch for each band.

More info on pre-orders will be available here once the test pressing is approved.

More exciting news coming soon!!

Falls of Rauros and Waldgefluster LP pre-orders!


We are thrilled to announce the union between the newly formed Lost Forty Recordings and Bindrune who have come together to bring you 2 classic black metal albums that have until now, been sadly neglected by the analog medium.

here are the details:

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Hail Wind and Hewn Oak” by the Maine quartet Falls of Rauros. Double LP.

Co-Released with Bindrune Recordings.

Total Pressings
100 Color (Red Ox Blood Swirl)
200 Black

Order here for Black:

Order here for Swirl:


Waldgeflüster’s “Femundsmarka” album. Double LP, Gatefold.

Co-Released with Bindrune Recordings.

Total Pressings
100 Color (Amber/Opaque Brown Splatter)
200 Black

Pre-order here for black:

Order here for Splatter:

The test pressing have all been approved weeks ago and we are awaiting the completion and delivery from the plant. These releases and all other items ordered with them will be shipped together when the product arrives from the plant.

More about Lost Forty…

lost forty logo


Formed in Minnesota in 2014 by Austin Lunn And Nathaniel Chapman, both co-owners of the esteemed Hammerheart Brewing Company, Lost Forty Recordings is a new record label dedicated to vinyl only releases. Along with Falls of Rauros and Waldgefluster, they have also launched pre-orders for the excellent Thrawsunblat 2010 release, “Canada” featuring the late David Gold on drums. firing out of the gate with 3 new LP releases, along with NEW SHIRT DESIGNS for each release is a bold statement from 2 very dedicated warriors.

So for the Thrawsunblat LP and the shirt designs, go here:

All items are limited!

More announcements to come as the year is amping up to a level of insanity…

Coldfells join with Bindrune/Eihwaz Recordings!


Like the image of Great Eagle Gwaihir circling slowly above Isengard, the epic blackened doom of Coldfells commands attention and awe from all that are earthbound. Elongated doom riff dirges, serrated with harmonious black metal tenets, sonically mourn the passing of mythical kingdoms once great. Chanted, sorrow-laden clean vocals coalesced with more hellish throatings together retell lost stories of old. These sounds, equally inspired by Appalachian winters and the tales of Tolkein’s ill-fated Numenoreans, form the often slow-marched/always unrelentingly-charged phalanx of Coldfell’s debut album ‘Nimloth the Fair’! Featuring the songwriting skills and guitarwork of conceptualist ATATA, the multi-faceted vocal talents of Aaron Carey (Nechochwen, Infirmary, End), with bass, choirs and drums courtesy über-instrumentalist Andrew D’Cagna (Brimstone Coven, Obsequiae, Unwilling Flesh), Bindrune and Eihwaz Recordings (together as one) will proudly present Coldfells first full-length collection of aural epistles, titled ‘Nimloth the Fair’, for the disseminating extreme metal fan, this Summer, 2015.

For now, stream/buy Coldfells’ demo ‘Black Breath’ via the bands Bandcamp page!
Instagram: @coldfellsdoom

Krigsgrav and Bindrune Unite!

krigsgrav_blk_smallerWe are pleased to announce that the Keller, Texas born Krigsgrav has joined the Bindrune Family of bands and are preparing to release their next album with us later this year!

And what a perfect fit it is, for upon hearing their latest album, The Carrion Fields, for the first time, we were deeply impressed by this bands obvious passion for their music and endlessly emotive songwriting style. Progressive meets depressive meets a yearning for ancient woodland ways. This focused and vibrant style transports the listener away from the clutches of modern technological de-evolution to become lost within their thoughts… a journey that has seemingly become so difficult for humankind these days due to the endless conflict of a fast paced society and anxiety riddled existence.

It is time to shed the bonds keeping you from the primordial spirit within and strike out into the wild to experience the aura so expertly employed by Krigsgrav. We are thrilled to be a catalyst in bringing the next album to all of you!


In the mean time, we have stocked copies The Carrion Fields in the distro and are eager for all of you to hear what Krigsgrav have to offer. Go here:

For those of you more interested in purchasing digital files or streaming the album before you buy (it will be added to their page very soon!), visit the Krigsgrav bandcamp page here:



Restocks imminent!

Here to announce that both the Panopticon – Roads to the North 2LP and Falls of Rauros/Panopticon – Brotherhood split 12″ LP restocks will be shipping from the plant by the end of this month. Nordvis will also be getting copies for the Euro continent.

So with this message we are announcing pre-orders once again for both of these items. Not the excruciating wait we all endured last time folks! If you missed out on either release, we heard your call and have once again filled the void!
Secure your copies today!

Bindrune N. America:

Nordvis don’t have the goods up on their site yet, but will very soon!!
Nordvis Europe/Scandinavia:

panopticon - roads coverFallPanSplit

Wilt and Bindrune unite!

wilt_logoWe are thrilled to announce that Winnipeg, Manitoba’s own Wilt has joined the Bindrune family of bands!

Beginning as a 2 piece, but evolving into a full touring band, Wilt struck a chord in 2012 with their endlessly atmospheric and emotive 4 song self titled EP. Deeply melancholic, the bands sound is a dense and melodic decent into the depressive black metal realm, but the band inject their own spirit into the genre by way of heavy and unique doom elements to keep their sound diverse and draped in a mournful

wilt_bandHaving been toiling over new material for some time now, Wilt are currently in the studio recording their 1st full-length effort, Moving Monoliths, which Bindrune shall be releasing in September/October on CD and a limited 2LP set. From the 2 new demo tracks we have heard representing this upcoming release, expect an even more oppressive weight upon your soul by way of hypnotic dirges into the black. Wilt are planning a mini US tour in support of Moving Monoliths. More info on all of that as it becomes realized!

In the meantime, we will be getting in copies of the MLP soon for sale! Enjoy a live clip and get ready for more news later this weekened!

Ahamkara – The Embers of the Stars PRE-ORDER!!



Ahamkara – The Embers of the Stars Digipak CD

Stunningly atmospheric black metal from england, Ahamkara envelops the wonder of the stars and rekindles a majesty rarely touched upon by bands from these modern times!

Here’s what the critics are saying….

This two-man UK project succeeds in distilling an outsized amount of talent into only four songs (though since none of them is under ten minutes long,there is plenty of space to fill, and the result is a complex and emotional work that lesser atmospheric black metal bands often aspire to without success.

This sweeping music is perfect for Black Metal that’s inspired by nature and seeks to channel it via a darkened Metal route. Each of these songs is extremely well composed and gives the feeling of really being in the raw, dangerous outdoors. -Wonderbox Metal

To pre-order this fantastic album, follow the portal which suits your location best…

North America: Bindrune Recordings

Europe/Scandinavia: Nordvis Production

Celestial Black Metal Transcendence!!




Nachtreich/Spectral Lore split 12″ now available!

Nachtreich/Spectral Lore ‘The Quivering Lights’ 12” LPs are here, so order your copy today!


Originally slated for release next month, the pressing plant was able to get this exquisite combination of classical and black metal prepared for you just in time for the holidays. An astounding collaboration by two extremely talented artists, ‘The Quivering Lights’ provides a perfect soundtrack to the closing days of 2014, so get your cold hands on this limited first pressing right now!

We will be in attendance at Winterblot Fest / HammerHeart Brewing Company Tap takeover this weekend with copies on hand.

PLEASE NOTE regarding pre-orders: if you ordered the new Falls of Rauros LP as well as the Nachtreich/Spectral Lore split, your combined pre-orders will ship together next week when ‘Believe In No Coming Shore’ arrives at Bindrune/Eihwaz HQ. Otherwise, if you pre-ordered ‘The Quivering Lights’ only, it is on its way.

«draumr ást» out now with full album stream available via decibel magazine!!

IMG_20141129_020042Today, on December 1st, the long wait for BHLEG’s debut “Draumr Ást” is finally over, and the digipak with its beautiful 12-page booklet should already be in the hands of a few fortunate people. The reviews have begun arriving with large publications such as Norways Scream Magazine granting it a 6 out of 6, The Metal Observer a 9 out of 10 and German sites and thought it deserved 8/10 and 6.5/7 respectively.

“…There are many nice touches on the album, in fact, too many to individually acknowledge, but taken as a whole, Draumr Ást should cement itself as a modern black metal classic, comfortable in its old school skin but confident to try a few new things as well. Most bands can only dream to release a debut as refined and sophisticated as Draumr Ást, but Bhleg has obviously proven they are that rare and exceptional talent.” – The Metal Observer

To celebrate this occasion we have teamed up with DECIBEL MAGAZINE to provide you with a full-album stream and an interview.

Simply follow this link:

**NOTE** If you have ordered this CD along with any other of our current pre-orders, the disc will be shipped when all items are in from the pressing plant and processed!

If you’re in N. America, get your copy of Draumr Ast here:

Rest of the world here:

Now accepting pre-orders for Nachtreich/Spectral Lore Split LP and Bhleg CD!

nslcoverprenew2  cover-BHLEG





Along with the already set pre-orders for Falls of Rauros 12″ and the Grift/Saive split 10″, We are now accepting pre-orders for the following titles:

-Bhleg (Swe) – Draumr Ast CD (Bindrune/Nordvis)
Old styled blackness with a vibrant atmosphere from this promising duo will be experienced on the excellent Draumer Ast. Release date: Dec. 1st

-Nachtreich/Spectral Lore – The Quivering Lights Split 12″
An expansive, black metal/neo-classical piece of art that takes hold of the soul, directing its emotion with a potent combination of viola, piano, guitar, bass, drums and tormented vocals. Limited to 250 copies!

 To obtain copies of these titles, and for more information, travel to this location:

To hear a track premier from the Nachtreich/Spectral Lore album, our friends at No Clean Singing have offered the Spectral Lore track “Quivering” up for stream along with a detailed overview of the album located here:

NCS Spectral Lore track premier!