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Restocks imminent!

Here to announce that both the Panopticon – Roads to the North 2LP and Falls of Rauros/Panopticon – Brotherhood split 12″ LP restocks will be shipping from the plant by the end of this month. Nordvis will also be getting copies for the Euro continent.

So with this message we are announcing pre-orders once again for both of these items. Not the excruciating wait we all endured last time folks! If you missed out on either release, we heard your call and have once again filled the void!
Secure your copies today!

Bindrune N. America:

Nordvis don’t have the goods up on their site yet, but will very soon!!
Nordvis Europe/Scandinavia:

panopticon - roads coverFallPanSplit

Wilt and Bindrune unite!

wilt_logoWe are thrilled to announce that Winnipeg, Manitoba’s own Wilt has joined the Bindrune family of bands!

Beginning as a 2 piece, but evolving into a full touring band, Wilt struck a chord in 2012 with their endlessly atmospheric and emotive 4 song self titled EP. Deeply melancholic, the bands sound is a dense and melodic decent into the depressive black metal realm, but the band inject their own spirit into the genre by way of heavy and unique doom elements to keep their sound diverse and draped in a mournful

wilt_bandHaving been toiling over new material for some time now, Wilt are currently in the studio recording their 1st full-length effort, Moving Monoliths, which Bindrune shall be releasing in September/October on CD and a limited 2LP set. From the 2 new demo tracks we have heard representing this upcoming release, expect an even more oppressive weight upon your soul by way of hypnotic dirges into the black. Wilt are planning a mini US tour in support of Moving Monoliths. More info on all of that as it becomes realized!

In the meantime, we will be getting in copies of the MLP soon for sale! Enjoy a live clip and get ready for more news later this weekened!

Ahamkara – The Embers of the Stars PRE-ORDER!!



Ahamkara – The Embers of the Stars Digipak CD

Stunningly atmospheric black metal from england, Ahamkara envelops the wonder of the stars and rekindles a majesty rarely touched upon by bands from these modern times!

Here’s what the critics are saying….

This two-man UK project succeeds in distilling an outsized amount of talent into only four songs (though since none of them is under ten minutes long,there is plenty of space to fill, and the result is a complex and emotional work that lesser atmospheric black metal bands often aspire to without success.

This sweeping music is perfect for Black Metal that’s inspired by nature and seeks to channel it via a darkened Metal route. Each of these songs is extremely well composed and gives the feeling of really being in the raw, dangerous outdoors. -Wonderbox Metal

To pre-order this fantastic album, follow the portal which suits your location best…

North America: Bindrune Recordings

Europe/Scandinavia: Nordvis Production

Celestial Black Metal Transcendence!!




Nachtreich/Spectral Lore split 12″ now available!

Nachtreich/Spectral Lore ‘The Quivering Lights’ 12” LPs are here, so order your copy today!


Originally slated for release next month, the pressing plant was able to get this exquisite combination of classical and black metal prepared for you just in time for the holidays. An astounding collaboration by two extremely talented artists, ‘The Quivering Lights’ provides a perfect soundtrack to the closing days of 2014, so get your cold hands on this limited first pressing right now!

We will be in attendance at Winterblot Fest / HammerHeart Brewing Company Tap takeover this weekend with copies on hand.

PLEASE NOTE regarding pre-orders: if you ordered the new Falls of Rauros LP as well as the Nachtreich/Spectral Lore split, your combined pre-orders will ship together next week when ‘Believe In No Coming Shore’ arrives at Bindrune/Eihwaz HQ. Otherwise, if you pre-ordered ‘The Quivering Lights’ only, it is on its way.

«draumr ást» out now with full album stream available via decibel magazine!!

IMG_20141129_020042Today, on December 1st, the long wait for BHLEG’s debut “Draumr Ást” is finally over, and the digipak with its beautiful 12-page booklet should already be in the hands of a few fortunate people. The reviews have begun arriving with large publications such as Norways Scream Magazine granting it a 6 out of 6, The Metal Observer a 9 out of 10 and German sites and thought it deserved 8/10 and 6.5/7 respectively.

“…There are many nice touches on the album, in fact, too many to individually acknowledge, but taken as a whole, Draumr Ást should cement itself as a modern black metal classic, comfortable in its old school skin but confident to try a few new things as well. Most bands can only dream to release a debut as refined and sophisticated as Draumr Ást, but Bhleg has obviously proven they are that rare and exceptional talent.” – The Metal Observer

To celebrate this occasion we have teamed up with DECIBEL MAGAZINE to provide you with a full-album stream and an interview.

Simply follow this link:

**NOTE** If you have ordered this CD along with any other of our current pre-orders, the disc will be shipped when all items are in from the pressing plant and processed!

If you’re in N. America, get your copy of Draumr Ast here:

Rest of the world here:

Now accepting pre-orders for Nachtreich/Spectral Lore Split LP and Bhleg CD!

nslcoverprenew2  cover-BHLEG





Along with the already set pre-orders for Falls of Rauros 12″ and the Grift/Saive split 10″, We are now accepting pre-orders for the following titles:

-Bhleg (Swe) – Draumr Ast CD (Bindrune/Nordvis)
Old styled blackness with a vibrant atmosphere from this promising duo will be experienced on the excellent Draumer Ast. Release date: Dec. 1st

-Nachtreich/Spectral Lore – The Quivering Lights Split 12″
An expansive, black metal/neo-classical piece of art that takes hold of the soul, directing its emotion with a potent combination of viola, piano, guitar, bass, drums and tormented vocals. Limited to 250 copies!

 To obtain copies of these titles, and for more information, travel to this location:

To hear a track premier from the Nachtreich/Spectral Lore album, our friends at No Clean Singing have offered the Spectral Lore track “Quivering” up for stream along with a detailed overview of the album located here:

NCS Spectral Lore track premier!

Obsidian Tongue join the Bindrune Family!




Bindrune Recordings is proud and honored to announce the recent arrival of Boston, MA’s innovative and mystical duo, Obsidian Tongue to unite with our growing brotherhood of artists.

Upon hearing and connecting with the stunning A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time CD released this past year by the excellent Hypnotic Dirge Records, we were inspired to work with this passionate and powerful band.

As the band continues to work on material that will become their third full-length slated for a 2015 release, the band recently entered the studio to record the lengthy track, “Lakeside Redemption” that will find its way on a 4 way split cassette release with fellow statesmen and Bindrune artist Infera Bruo along with 2 other local bands. The song demonstrates an even more fierce delivery and layered atmosphere as the band continues to evolve and tighten up their already multifaceted sound.

More news will surface in the coming days regarding that split, live events and of course studio tid-bits as the band begins work on the follow-up for “Ravens” for Bindrune Recordings.

In the mean time, be sure to check out the newly added Obsidian Tongue link to our ‘Bands” portal for more pics and a very in-depth bio to further introduce you to this excellent band.


Announcing new Pre-Orders!!

The time has come to announce a few PRE-ORDERS!!!

Finally!! Bindrune and Nordvis are offering Pre-orders for the impending Falls of Rauros – Believe in No Coming Shore LP!

falls_northwoodsBindrune has 3 different options with this release along with a Northwoods package (includes patch and Shirt)!!

Along with Falls, we are offering Pre-Orders for the Grift/Saiva – Split 10″ MLP. Bindrune will be getting around 130 copies of this superb title, so act fast!


For more info and to obtain your copy of either or both titles, follow the links!

Bindrune Recordings/N. America:

Nordvis Produktion/All of Europe and Scandinavia:

Coming soon!! Pre-Orders for the following titles:

-Nachtreich/Spectral Lore – The Quivering Lights split 12″ (Bindrune/Eihwaz Recordings collaboration)

-Bhleg – Draumr Àst DigiCD

-Ahamkara – The Embers of the Stars DigiCD

These are busy and exciting times!!

Panopticon’s Roads to the North finally released!!

panopticon - roads cover


It’s official!!! Panopticon – Roads to the North CD and 2LP are officially released in N. America by Bindrune Recordings and by Nordvis Produktions overseas!

Roads is a stunning trip through emotive songsmithing that eclipses the natural world with genre sculpting and expansive black/melodic death/folk metal.

Regarding the 2LP… first pressing is hitting incredibly low quantities. If you want it, act fast! a few more copies were just shipped to Sweden/Nordvis…. first come, first served!

The CD… plenty available in a lush 3 panel gatefold digi wallet.

Choose your path to obtain copies of one of 2014′s most ambitious and poignantly composed releases.

Bindrune Distro (The Collective):


Related news: Panopticon – The Sigh of Summer shirts are still in stock and ready to ship, along with a few remaining Panopticon turntable slip mats!



In the coming weeks we shall be creating a release overview for the remainder of 2014, and into 2015. Lots of amazing music coming your way. We promise!!

Also, this site will be undergoing a major update. There is a lot of info that needs to be added like reviews, interviews, all the band pages updated… soon!!

Lastly…. Since Bindrune’s inception in 2000, we have proudly not charged US customers using our mail-order, any shipping fees. Through all the postage hikes for 14 years, we stood defiant.

As the business side continues to grow, we are striving to embrace the convenience of the technology we have at our disposal. In an effort to give our customers better service, we shall be integrating with the Zencart shopping cart platform utilized for The Collective.

This will benefit the customers by knowing exactly when their order ships as well as give you a tracking number to keep an eye on your order status as it creeps across the country.

We will likely be implementing this service likely this week.

Thank you all for your continued support and for making 2014 the best year yet!

More to come! Stay tuned!

Pre-Orders for Falls of Rauros and Unwilling Flesh announced!

We are pleased to offer Pre-orders for the following titles:

Falls_Believe_coverFalls of Rauros – Believe in no Coming Shore Digipak CD  Pre-Order (pre-order comes with a free logo patch!)

Believe in no Coming Shore, Falls of Rauros’ much anticipated 3rd album, is a masterwork of emotive and passionate black metal influenced music, that finds this Maine quartet evolving even deeper into their art and love for their instruments.

Thoughts on the album run wild, for this opus finds Falls really coming in to their own special and vibrant sound. The harsh/desperately screamed vocals are still in full force, as are the fundamentals of their atmospherically charged form of black metal, but Believe in no Coming Shore unlocks a brilliant web of passionate guitar work that seizes the spirit of Americana, rock, folk and most importantly… freedom. The very thought of it spills out of this amazing work. Such careful integration feels like an extension of this bands spiritual core and the music takes on a hypnotic wanderlust to carry the listener deeper into the aether.
Due to insane delays at the pressing plant, the LP version of this release will not be available until December. Pre-orders will be announced when the gap is filled a bit.

“This album is a real success, because it’s typically what everybody expected from the band after their last efforts. After some demos and a first album which didn’t convince me, Falls of Rauros are now building a coherent and strong discography. Be it their musicianship, the feelings their songs carry or the maturity of their whole work, they’re surely one of the best american black metal acts we’ve got today.” -Ethereal Soundscapes

“Some of the heavy hitters in the world of woodsy atmospheric black metal (Agalloch, Wolves In The Throne Room) are going to have to make room for a new oak in their forest. Falls Of Rauros, from the other Portland, were always really good, but with their upcoming LP, Believe In No Coming Shore, they’re officially great.” – Stereogum

US/Canada customers order direct from Bindrune here:

For the European customers, Nordvis have also launched their pre-order campaign today as well for Falls of Rauros and are also offering free logo patches with your pre-order!  Go here and stake your claim!


unwilling flesh cover_smaller2Unwilling Flesh – Between the Living and the Dead Digi-wallet CD Pre-Order (Pre-order comes with a free logo patch!)

Carnage. Eucharist. Excretion. The sounds of these early ’90s Swedeath bands inspired multi-instrumentalist Andrew D’Cagna (Brimstone Coven, Obsequiae, Nechochwen, Infirmary) to mine his prodigious talents for the purpose of the ‘blatant, shameless’ Swedish Death Metal devotion of Unwilling Flesh. Handling vocals and all instruments (with co-conspirator Aaron Carey, also of Nechochwen & Infimary, graciously providing skilled and memorable leadwork), D’Cagna has willfully allowed the rusted-chainsaw guitars and lacerated roars of an OSDM muse to guide his hand toward developing this heathen hallelujah meant to honor those once and always Full of Hell: Eihwaz Recordings next release, the debut of Unwilling Flesh, Between the Living and the Dead. Friends, if you scoff at über-clean, ‘modern’ death metal, if you hold scorn at the homogenization of what once was, then the hearkening back of Unwilling Flesh is for you.

“But guitar tone and even riff mastery do not alone make for an album as fine and faithful as this one. D’Cagna has also written actual songs, with distinctive melodies of the kind that still make the songs on Slaughter of the Soul command such strong allegiance almost 20 years after its debut. They’re more ghoulish and morbid than they are pretty, that’s for sure, but they’re very effective at digging their hooks into your head and holding fast.” - No Clean Singing

“That patented Sunlight sound is out in full force here – the band buzzing and grinding their way through nine tracks of unadulterated old school worship that exhumes, re-animates and prostitutes the bile-soaked sounds of Eucharist, Desultory, Entombed and Unanimated to the fullest. They’re quite melodically inclined though, with numbers like “Fathoms Unfound” and “At One with the Earth” spliced with a batch of melodies that run the gamut from breezy (the former) to creepy (the latter).” - The Metal Observer

Reserve your copy from Eihwaz Recordings here:


Also added a few new things to the distro, like Obsequiae – Suspended in the Brume of Eos LP, restock on Panopticon’s Mountains and Kittelsen designs (ALL SIZES) and a brand new Waldgefluster – Meine Fesseln t-shirt design!

Go get it!